Fine Art Print Fair IFPDA NY

The 27th Fine Art Print Fair took for the second time place at the NYC Javits Center near the midtown building sites of the Hudson Yards, where the popular High Line walking park ends. In a double “T” set-up around 75 exhibitors showcase the finest of the often neclected art of printmaking. The vast majority of the presented works are contemporary with only a hanfull of stands exhibiting acient Japanese prints, a Picasso solo or historic etchings and litho’s. The vast majority of the standholders focus on the established (often US based) artists probably in an effort to cover the for sure hefty price to secure there presence. The IFPDA fair selection team should facilitate more focus on upcoming (regional) talents. At least the non NY or London based galleries (I estimate at less than half of the participants) tried to balance the overdose of Kelly Ellsworth, Sol Lewitt, Damien Hirst and for sure Bruce Nauman. A discovery was the young Argentinian born artist Analia Saban who works and lives in LA; the Pakistani Huma Bhabha; the refreshing portfolio ( Cameron Jamie; David Row;..) of the reknowned Soho NY gallery Two Palms, the very popular glamour prints of Londoner Miles Aldridge and my absolute favourite, the revival of the Catalonian arte povera era, Jordi Alcaraz. Saban, Aldridge and Alcaraz were added to my portfolio!